It is important to protect what you've worked for. Perhaps you have some future plans made for your estate. But some decisions may be too difficult. You must first establish your goals and figure out what is important to you and your family. A licensed MultiSource professional is ready to meet with you to work out these issues. 


Estate preservation planning can seem complicated, but the concept is fairly simple. The greatest challenge is deciding exactly what you want to accomplish with your estate. Typically, estate preservation planning involves the following objectives:


  • Control - If you do not decide who gets what, the state will!  A carefully drafted will allows you to specify who will receive your property when you die.
  • Conservation - Your heirs could lose a sizable chunk of your estate to settlement costs.  You can reduce estate shrinkage through trusts, gifts, and other options.
  • Liquidity - If money is not readily available to pay final expenses, your assets may have to be sold, perhaps at bargain prices.
  • Survivor Care - Depending on the ages and health of your survivors, you may want to provide income or funds to assist in their future care.


here are some points that we can review with you:

  • Estate and Gift Taxes
  • Basic Estate Preservation Strategies
  • Distribute the maximum amount of possible to your designated beneficiaries with the minimum delay in the manner of your choice 
  • Be sure that each beneficiary's specific needs are met, including the special needs of a disabled child
  • Establish a trust for your surviving spouse and children
  • Provide outright request to your family, friends, charity, or your alma mater
  • Reduce estate taxes and cost and provide the liquidity needed to cover them


Ensure that a family business stays in the family, providing additional resources to equalize the distribution of assets when some children are taking over a family business

With our knowledge and assistance, together we can set up reasonable goals and strategies to help secure your estate.